Saturday, January 21, 2012


#6: Flashback: Personal and Professional

I shouldn't be thinking about this right now.
I have so many things I should be going over in my head.
Drake and I get into arguments occasionally and usually everything turns out fine.
I mean what exactly is the significance of this one?
Okay, dumb question.
You can't be mad at me for at least trying to make this seem like a simple problem.
Then again when is anything ever really simple... or easy.

        I could feel the car jerk to a stop, making my thoughts disperse as I tuned back into reality. The yells and screams seemed to come out of nowhere as I regarded the things outside of my window. I could hear the repeated re-soundings and confessions of love from my Barbz outside the window as they began to crowd around the car and throw themselves against it in attempt to get my already obtained attention.

        SB and the rest of the guys got of the car before me while I pasted on a smile. They took time to move the crowd away from the car before SB opened my door. I grabbed his hand as he helped me out the car and I gained my balance.
         I waved at the Barbz as their screams went up another notch at my presence. I looked around at all the ecstatic faces as well as at those who were crying.

This why I do this.
These amazing people are the reason I continue to go throw all the bullshit that happens to the side.

          When I finally got inside I saw Flex sitting at the mic. I smile came across my face at the sight of my good friend. “Nicki, Nicki, Nicki!” He said smiling as he stood to hug me. I brought my arms around him briefly, “Hi babe! How are you” I pulled away genuinely smiling. “I'm even better now that you're here” He stated smoothly. I rolled my eyes holding back a small laugh “Flex....” “I'm just stating truth!!” he said with surrenderence in his tone. I let a small laugh out as he glanced at the clock by the door I had just entered. His eye grew momentarily as he hobbled back to his mic and spoke into it as the song “Rack City” ended. Sb, who had been standing behind me the entire time, tapped my shoulder pointing over to the chairs.

           As we sat, Flex began an exaggerated and enthusiastic introduction of me and cued the applause. With my headphones placed on I leaned into the mic as I called to the awaiting listeners, “What's good!?” “Mama, may I say you look amazing today” I rolled my eyes as I said, “Flex, are you going to keep hitting on me or....cause I thought this was gonna be professional, boo” He smiled hugely as he replied, “You know I can't resist. WHO CAN!?” He let out a huge smile. “Well, ya know...” I said. “Oop, oop, someone's cocky today! Is Roman in the building?!” He questioned loudly. “Hmmm...” I started thoughtfully, “I'm not sure yet, we'll have to see later” I finished as my London accent surfaced. “Well, I guess we will. I'm so glad you're here. I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing interview and I can't wait to get into it.” “Pauz. Me too, Flex.”         
       Flex announced another song as I tried to continue focusing.


            “Wait! So let me get this straight he fell down the entire flight of stairs!?” Flex questioned with another laugh. “Yep, that's what he gets for trying to act like he had game!” Flex laughed harder, “The girl just walked away to, like she didn't see NOTHING.” “Woooow,” Flex said calming himself. “Better luck next time, Twist” he called out. “Now...we've gotten past the business stuff and some generic you know what I've got to do now, right?” He asked.'

             I groaned into the mic “Flex, do you HAVE to do this? I thought you loved me, Flex?” I felt my lip curl as he shrugged and said “Sorry, mama, got to do it.” “Alright...let's get this over with” I said over-exaggeratedly annoyed. “Alright, Nicki...are you dating anyone?” “No.” I said with a bored look. “Okay, are you talking with anyone?” “I talk to people everyday, Flex.” I stated in a smart-Alec way as my voice took a hint of innocence as I blinked at him. Flex gave me a look, “You know what I mean...are you-” “No Flex, I'm not dating anyone or talking to anyone. I don't have a sideman. I'm single. I'm good.”
            “I know you're probably going to say the same thing but....we all got to know specifics...are you dating Drake?” I hesitantly paused when I heard Drake's name as a flood of emotions and memories flashed across my mind.

I could feel the breath on my lips as he pulled away from me.
 I had gotten over my astonishment and surprise and let me my body talk for me instead of pushing him away. 
He brought his hands up my hips, raising my shirt as they traveled towards my chest.
 I held back a moan until I felt his lips on my neck. 
The noise slipped past my lips as I scratched at his back, my leg hitched on to him and he brought one hand down to grasp that thigh tightly.
 He pressed me further into the wall working his lips against my skin as I scraped my finger nails across his shoulders, simultaneously moaning his name. 
“Fuck” he said breathlessly as he pulled his lips away from the skin of my neck and pressed them back to mine.

            “I-uh..” I stuttered. Sb looked at me like I was crazy and Flex looked surprised. “, w-we're just friends...” I said clearing my throat a little at the end. “Okay...” Flex said awkwardly, “We'll be back with some final questions right after this amazing song that Nicki features in with Rihanna called, Raining Men. Don't change the station.”   

          He clicked off as the song began to play and I didn't even look at Safaree as I took my headphones off. “Can I get some water please?” I asked to one of the assistants standing near. I leaned back in my chair as I went over the momentary slip-up that might have just started something huge.


I know I said I was going to do a one-shot but I decide to just type the rest of the chapter and save the one-shot for a time when I'm ultra busy and can't post anytime soon. Just a little hold over/back-up one shot. Nash Stone helped me a LOT with this idea as a matter a fact she helped me with most of it. I had no idea where to go with the flashbacks only the main plot so **applauses for her**.
I promised you guys I would post this before I had to leave for the entire weekend and here it is! I know it is kind of short but I hope it'll hold you over until my competition season chills out since we JUST started.
Thanks for the continuous support! Keep those comments up, Barbz! I see you!




  1. Omg can you imagine how crazy everyone would go if she actually answered that question like that? And that flashback was steamy! I know I say this every time, but your such an great writer, the way you write is so amazing. I'm excited to see where the story is gonna go now after what happened last chapter. Please post as soon as your able to.

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  3. Uh oh Nicki done slipped up. She's gonna catch heat from the blogs for that one. I know if this really happened I would be spazzing!! LOL. I highly doubt she'll be able to dig herself out of this hole. Great chapter, post soon! -@TEAMinajNYC

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