Monday, March 12, 2012

Chapter Previews

Next TWO Chapter Previews ;]

Ch.10- Her arms wrapped around his waist as he pulled her into his chest. You could tell it was a deep intense moment as the shuffled a part slightly. His mouth moved and she smiled up at him. He smiled back before speaking again. To far from hearing you could still tell there was a spark between them. He brought her chin up with his finger tips and kissed her lips intently tilting her head to full view to the camera. “ that-

Ch.11- “Did you really ever even care about me, Aubrey? Did you really ever even love me? Or where you just trying to amuse yourself by getting me to finally go out with you; making me cave and fall for you...” “Nicki! It wasn't even like that we were just-” “I DON'T CARE! YOU WANT HER YOU CAN HAVE HER. I'M DONE! GO BACK TO MAKING OUT WITH YOUR WHORE” I felt the tears build up in my eyes as I shoved him out of my way and ran to my car. Through my blurry vision I could see him following after me and immediately pulled out and drove off....away from the heart-breaker...away from the bretrayal.

                AN: I was being bugged to death to update via twitter, lol. I love you guys for that! I really do! I'm not going to post the whole chapter today but the next update will be a double update. I've decided I'm just going to keep doing that. Long term waits but double updates. Is that alright? Can you guys live with that? 
            LIFE UPDATE: Nicki read my comment to her during her Ustream and responded mod cocky, lmaooo :D I am FREAKING HYPE about that STILL. Annnnd Martin followed me yesterday!!! I am so freaking blessed guys. TM is so amazing....NICKI MINAJ IS SO FUCKING AMAZING. Anyways, yea :]