Monday, February 20, 2012


#8: Flashback: Behind the Scenes

~“NICKI! OVER HERE!” “MS.MINAJ!” “NICKI!” “NICKI MINAJ!” “OVER HERE, NICKI!” “NICKI! What was with the comment about Drake?!” “How long have you two been dating” “Are you getting engaged?!” “How does it feel to no longer be celibate?” “Do you plan on marrying anytime soon!?” “Are you pregnant?”~

           I gave the paparazzi a cold/weird look as they continued throwing questions my way. My bodyguards pressed them back as they tried to surround me, thrusting their cameras at me to get any shot they could. My sunglasses weren't doing much for once.


I heard the calls of my Barbs and Kens in the mitts of the chaos. I waved to them slightly with a small smile that lasted half a second before I finally made it into the car.

As the car door shut I sighed, taking off my sunglasses and closing my eyes. I leaned back with a distraught look. 

No one said a word. No one could. No one understood what happened....I didn't even understand what had happened. I already knew that this would blow up, especially considering last time with our marriage joke.

              Half an hour later, still in the car, my phone started buzzing, interrupting the silence. I glanced down at it and a look of dismay crossed my face at the name "Weezy" flashing across my screen. I sighed knowing he was one person I wouldn't be able to avoid. I slowly reached for my phone and answered it after a few deep breaths.
            “What up, Nic.” a chill and calm voice cooed at me through the phone. “Hey Wayne...” I said already preparing myself for what he might have to say. “Ya know....if you and Drake keep getting married you can at least invite a nigga” He said with a small amusement in his voice that made me smile a little. I let a small chuckle surpass my lips. “I wasn't invited either and it's supposedly my wedding” I shrugged my shoulders as a comfortable grin lingered on my face. “On a real note though, Nic, you need to fix this. These slip ups and mishaps can't keep happening. It IS good publicity but it's bad on YM on a personal note. The last thing we need is more drama in YM, you know that.” “Yea...I'm sorry about this...I'll fix it asap.” “Make a plan today.               
            I want it fixed by the end of the week.” “Done.” I said trying to hide my apprehension as he told me bye with a call of good luck.
            As I ended the phone call SB looked at me knowingly. We communicated through eyes momentarily before I turned back to the window and he turned back to his cell phone, which is he seemed to be more and more occupied with lately. I watched the scenery pass by as I tried to mentally figure out a way to get Drake and I out of the mess I, for once, had created.


           We pulled up at the hotel after a long day of interviews and photo shoots. I was completely exhausted and had no energy left in me. I couldn't even think of any ways to fix the problem I had made to day and decided to hold off on it for a little while before having what was going to be a very, VERY interesting conversation with Drake.
            I collapsed on my bed and closed my eyes before a knock was heard and SB stood at my door entry with my cellphone. I looked up at him tiredly as he said, “Drake's on the phone”. My body froze as those words left his mouth and my eyes widened as SB continued to hold my cellphone in his hand. I motioned for him to bring it to me trying to hold back the pout that was making its way on my face.
            I took the phone slow and cautiously from his hands and pressed it to my ear. “Hello?” I said in a small voice. “Hey....” Drake said in a seemingly calm matter. “Hi” I said shyly letting my eyes shift lazily as I curled myself into a ball sitting up. “How was your day?” “Um....fine” I said curiously. “Yours?” “Great! Just like the usual, ya know business.” “Yea...” said letting my words trail off as I shifted the phone to my other ear. “Well! It was going normal...until I got an interesting phone call from management that is.” “Oh.” I said lowly biting my lip. “Nicki....” “Hmmm?” “What the hell happened?”


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