Friday, December 30, 2011

CBF #2

#2: Flashback: Caught In Words

            “Oh... yes! Right there! Hmmm...” I moaned aloud my eyes squeezed together as I relished in the ecstasy. “Right there, baby?” He questioned again as he continued pleasuring me. “Uhh” I managed to get out. I knew he was trying to get me to talk but I could barely think at this point.
I don't even remember how we got to this point. There was talking and a little sip of this and that. I remember me making a move to go back to my room and him offering to escort me there since Safaree started complaining about not wanting to leave the get together downstairs. From that point, I really couldn't remember anything else.

              “What'd you say, baby, I didn't hear you?” He spoke softly to me as he pressed me further into the mattress. “Uhh, Tr-Tre...” I barely got out before there was a hard knock against my door. My daze was broken as I sat up. Gasping a little, I shoved Trey off of my body. “Shit!” I cussed a loud trying to gather up my clothes while throwing Trey's towards the general area where he sat. “Nicki! You okay in there?” I heard from behind the door. My eyes widen at the sound of Drizzy's voice. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...” I mumbled continuously in a low whisper. I manically made my way around the room throwing on the clothes of mine that I had already found, which at this point was only my undergarments. “Uh...I'm-I'm good just hold on I-” I glanced up momentarily as I stepped. I felt something slide from beneath my feet causing me to face plant into the carpeted floor with a thump. I stared at Trey's shoe with a glare before Drake's voice broke my gaze and my eyes shifted to the closed door. “Are you sure? Nicki?! I'm coming in!” Before I could make my protests against the statement, the door swung open and Drake stepped through the framed gap.
               “Are you o-” His voice cut off as he took in the scene around him. “What the fuck is this?!” He exclaimed. You could see the total surprise and shock that was on his face. I got up slowly, “I um..we um...” I looked at the half clothed Trey in a panicked manner as he looked between me and Drizzy. He mumbled something incoherently and rushed out the room. I rolled my eyes, shooting a small glare his way, watching him leave. “Oh... so that's why you won't get with me? That nigga? Are you kidding? One of my own fucking guys, Nic?!” “We're just friends, Drake!” I exclaimed rolling my eyes as I gathered up the rest of my clothes from around the room. “So that's what 'friends' do now a days, huh? They fuck with other niggas friends. You KNOW that I'm in love with you, Nicki!” “Drake! Why, the fuck does it always have to be what YOU want. What about what I want!?!?” “Well, it's obvious that it's not me you want! You don't want morals either it seems by the way you were fucking your great 'FRIEND' over there!” he briefly flailed his arms towards the door Trey had left through with an eye roll. “You'd rather whore around like a little slut.” I knew he was saying things out of anger but I was about to fuck him up if he kept up that shit talk. He knew that wasn't true and he knew I wasn't like that.
                 “Who the fuck are you” I stated walking towards him with a glare, “calling a slut!? Like you can talk shit!?” I exclaimed with slight laughter at the situation. “Playa, you might want to reflect and try again! The only person even close to a whore or slut in here is you.” I stated poking him in his chest. “You got three girls a week, why the fuck can I not get me some once in a fucking blue moon! Oh, my bad I'm suppose to be yours right!?” I said tilting my head as I looked up at him intensely. “Isn't that what you told me?” I asked him with attitude. He kept silent as I stared at him. I shook my head taking a step back, “I fucking told you we are friends. FUCKING. FRIENDS. Drake!” I said. I could see the anger seething through him but I could feel his demeanor change.
              His voice was low and had a surreal calmness that came out of no where. “You know're right. You can fuck whoever the hell you want because you're not a whore, you're right. I'm just a stupid ass guy, waiting around for another woman that doesn't want me because you know what, I'm an idiot. I actually felt something for you even after all of your fucking continuous rejections and dramatic shit and that makes me an idiot. My bad.” “Drake...” I said my voice fading off. I wasn't liking how this conversation was going. “No, no. My bad, Nicki. My fault. Let me take my dumb ass comments back that I've said to you over the past few years because I mean, what the fuck do I know right?” He laughed bitterly.     
         “Drake, that's not what I meant and you know that.” I stated my face falling as the depth in his eyes became a bitter black spot of blocked emotion. “Mean what you say and say what you mean...but that makes me a hypocrite as well, right? But I'll tell you this...I meant what I said when I told you I was in love with you...and you meant what you said when you said you saw me as a brother...even after last week when you gave into me..” A small smile peeked on his face momentarily and was wiped off as fast as it came. “It was a moment of weakness, right?” He asked as he saw me beginning to object. “I took that night as you finally beginning to feel something for me...ya know...after you told me all those little lies about how your perspective of me was changing. My bad for taking you seriously. Jokes right?” “Drake...” I barely got out as my eyes welled up a little. He shook his head giving me one last long glance before turning around and leaving the room, slamming the door behind him. I felt my lip quiver as I stood there for a few minutes staring at the door that he had left through.
*AN: THAT'S Y U MAD! THAT'S Y U MAD, MAD, Drake? (Ha-ha, I just had to.)

Thanks for all the love and comments! You guys have really been making my day. I hope you continue to read as the story line develops. I'm warning you now there might be some slow moments because this is the beginning developing process. Don't expect every chapter to be totally amazing. Aha! Anyways, thank you all again. The more comments, the sooner the post. Your comments really do motivate me to get my lazy tail up and write. I do have chapter 3 already done but I like to be a chapter ahead of what I post. Thanks again, loves.



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