Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Flashback: Slip-ups: Past Life

Nicki....” “Hmmm?” “What the hell happened?”

             “I....I don't know...” I responded biting my lip as I shifted again in my spot. “Really because that was quite an interesting interview you just had” Drake stated in a sarcastically dry manner. I paused for a moment holding back my tongue before responding, “I'm working on it Drake....just...don't worry about it I'll figure something out and call you back, okay?” “Alright....I just...I want to know....what happe-” “Drake” “Yea, I got it. Sorry. Call me back.” “I will, bye.” “Yea,” I heard him release a deep breath into the phone. “Yea, bye.”

          I sighed hanging up and pulling up twitter. I checked my mentions lurking through my barbz comments. I giggled at some and favorited them waiting for them to comment per usual

@BarbieNika: Lurknika alert!!! We see you queen! @NickiMinaj

         I chuckled before responding: “Ha! But I wasn't hiding Barbz :*"

       I watched my mentions go crazy as they overflowed with comments and freaking out. I continued faving and retweeting my barbz until I saw a tweet that really caught my attention.

@MayainMoscow: @NickiMinaj Soo what was up with that interview, Nicki? Was that a truth slip?

         I rolled my eyes but decided to use the opportunity to try to gain back the ground I had lost during that interview.

No....it was just a verbal mishap, barbz. BEWP!”

          I giggled as everyone freaked out not actually expecting me to respond to such a tweet.

         After a moment with the barbz and responding I decided to take the time rest before my photo shoot. I was already tired and the day had just begun.

         My dreamless sleep was soon interrupted when the SUV hit a small ditch jolting me at the same time as my phone decided to repeatedly buzz. I groaned sleepily as I shifted and grabbed my phone. 7 message appeared on my phone immediately which I took no particular surprise too. As I opened the texts and emails however, what I read made me sit up and readjust my position. “What the fuck...” I mumbled to myself as my face scrunched up in confusion at the texts from Lauren telling me something had leaked. I momentarily, thought it was the new music I had been recording lately but soon realized she wouldn't be freaking out as much as she was if it was just that. I decided to get on twitter and snoop around to see what my barbz knew considering they seemed to know more than I did at times with their nosy asses.

        As I entered the twitter world a link seemed to be passion through all of Team Minaj and repeatedly sent to my mentions. I clicked the link wearily and impatiently waited for it to load.

      What I saw shocked me so much I sat there dumbfounded for almost ten minutes before replaying the video.

Her arms wrapped around his waist as he pulled her into his chest. You could tell it was a deep intense moment as the shuffled a part slightly. His mouth moved and she smiled up at him. He smiled back before speaking again. To far from hearing you could still tell there was a spark between them. He brought her chin up with his finger tips and kissed her lips intently tilting her head to full view to the camera.

         Wait....is that- “ME!” I screamed aloud in shocked. “What the fuck!” I exclaimed again waking up Safaree as he hurriedly turned around and looked back at me widely with a scarce far look on his face. “What the hell's going on?!” “They got the damn video!” “What video” “That got damn video of me and Aubrey from almost half a year ago!” “What? Are you sure?” “Hell yea, I'm sure, nigga! LOOK!” I exclaimed trying not to hyperventilating as I passed SB my phone. “Damn.” I heard him mumble. “I just recovered from that bullshit interview and now my fans are gonna think I'm lying to them....fucking perfect/” “We need a press conference.” “No Shit.” I said giving Safaree a look as I frustratedly took back my phone. “Hey! Ain't my fault you couldn't keep yourself from Drizzy” SB said smartly with a smirk. “Serious...don't fucking try me right now, Safaree. Don't play with me.” I said my eyes going to slits as I spoke to him. I turned to the window rubbing my temples slightly as I groaned again as my phone continued beeping. “This is bullshit.” I huffed.

I sighed one more time before going to twitter and tweeting briefly before cutting the volume off my phone: “Barbz, I'll explain later, it isn't what you think. Don't question. Just Trust.


           Hey guys! I'm back...sort of. I never really left but I've been everwhere and no where lately. I really just wanted to get this chapter over with. These next few chapters I swear are going to be the death of me. I just can't stand to write them! So I have no real excuse as to why I haven't posted except that I've been putting it off, which explains why this one is so short! (That and Nash Stone has my notes for this chapter and I'm too lazy to wait to get it back from her).

   Anyways, since I've last seen you Nicki has tweeted me and faved me :) (Yes, I'm smiling mad hard right now). You don't know how BLESSED I feel! I really don't know what to do with myself. I swear I've never liked being the random person I am until the day Nic decided to only bless me with her beautifulness in my mentions twice, lol! Oh, Jabari tweeted me as well! Aha! That was quite amusing :) Other than that nadda mucho has been going on. I'm in my busiest month of the year. Prom is coming up! That's exciting! All nighter 7-5!!! WOOT!
     That's about it. So I hope you enjoyed. I'm going to try to  update more often but don't expect these next chapters to be great or long because I really just want to get these next few chapters out the way so I can get to the REALLY good stuff ;)




  1. ii loooved this chapter!! ik that they're not together but i think they should be the media can suck a big dick :) post soon!!! xoxo

    Okay so damn there's of video of them...smh this is not good. I wonder does Drake know. & lol @ SB like nigga this is serious. Lmaooo loved this chapter. Glad you finally decided to post. I miss Dricki. Anyways Congratz again & update soon! :)

  3. *releaved sigh* Wheeew...Okay! These are Flash-backs! Good! coz I thought maybe Drake had done something with another girl that Nicki saw when I red the Previews for the Chapters.

    They got caught on Camera! Damn! I feel like it's New Years Eve 2010 all over again ;)
    SB being that obvious, lol...and u know when the barbz find something, they be up on it like rats. LMAO
    I Love these flashbacks but I can't wait for the "Good stuff" too. Reading this makes me feel a lil bit better about them coz I just miss them together.

    Thank you for posting and Congrats babe, I'm so happy for you :D

  4. Yooo... why does stuff like that keep happening to Nic though? It'll be one thing & then a similar thing will come out around the same time. Weird. Anyhoo.. I wanna see how she gets herself out of it this time. lol. Great chap. :-)

  5. Avight, avight! So where da video at B? :p I wanna see iiiit!!! Lol, if only that were possible *sigh* But anyway, this was good! I really liked it. & should I have been confused abt the radio interview? O.o Like did that happen in a previous chapter? Cuz I'm clueless on what they asked & how she responded. Um… I can assume they asked if she & Drake where an item & she said no? Or yes? :'( Idk. Just plz post soon!! Thanks Bianca the Bee. ^_^