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#11: Moving Mountains: Mr. Faithful
            I dragged my hands down the ends of my black wig as I got into my car. It has been a couple of weeks since Drake and I started trying this whole relationship thing. No labels exactly yet, but we both knew that we were something, that much I was sure.
          I had decided to visit Drake since it seemed that he was always coming over to my house lately, surprising me. I bit my lip holding back a smile quickly glancing around for signs of paparazzi but seeing none I buckled myself checked my appearance briefly in my rearview mirror, straightening it and shifting out of park.
It seemed that the media had given me a break lately and I was enjoying the continuous disappearance of the slandering stupid-ass bugs. I embraced every moment I could without them around.

          I sighed happily as I continued my venture to Drake’s house.  He had called me earlier that he wanted to announce something big later on today and I had bugged him to just let me know but he was persistent on waiting to properly tell me the news.
         Just the thought of waiting had made me roll my eyes and side eye my phone hoping he could feel the intensity and annoyance I was caring through the phone. Evidently, it was successful because I could hear him snicker before he commented to not get that look on my face. I once again rolled my eyes at his bull crap jokes.

         He really did make me happy which I occasionally mentioned but not to often since he tended to like to act cocky like he was the shit.

I chuckled as I reminisced on one of our conversations that took place on the back patio of my house.

            “Drake…what the hell are you doing?” I questioned holding back a small chuckle at his distraught face as he tried to loosen himself from the minor entanglement he had gotten into. “I uh…kinda- just- um…” He stuttered in replied glancing back and forth between me and the sprinkler system that was shifted and twisted up around his ankle. “How in the hell….” I began, circling him with a light laugh. He frowned as he looked back down at his foot and tugged at the knotted hoes around his ankle.
             I let one of my dimples show before retreating back a littles way unsuccessfully trying to sneak away. “Where are you going?” He questioned looking at me curiously/ suspiciously. I smirked before walking over to the sprinkler system. “Nic….” he stated with a warning tone, “Yes, babe?”I questioned with wide innocent eyes. “You better not, Nic” He warned again. “Better not what?” I questioned blanking my eyes, widening them more. He squinted at me as I let a sly look cross my face. I reached over to the control system as his eyes flashing panic. “Nic, Don’t! Stop! Fuck!” He yelled pulling at the sprinklers once again as I let out a loud giggle before turning on the sprinklers.
            A loud scream filled the air as I doubled over laughing, stomping and clapping as he was continuously sprayed in the face and anywhere else the water could reach as he moved drastically and frantically.
            After a few more seconds, I turned off the sprinklers and continued doubled over laughing as I slowly made my way over to him swaying from the repeated shifting of my weight due to my unbalanced laughter. I smiled widely at him as I neared his soaked figure. “Hey!” I stated happily as he stared up at me unamused. I chuckled and pulled his ear as I stated, “Don’t be upset, babe” I smirked until I saw something flash across his eyes, I gave him a weird look as a small evil smile crawled onto his face. He pointed down at his leg and as I glanced there I realized that my actions had helped him get out. My eyes widen a little as he began to get up.
          I turned to run taking a few steps before being softly tackled by a soaked figure. Two strong arms wrapped around my waste taking me down, rolling my once dry clothes into the wet grass. I groaned annoyed and pouted as he hovered over me after I rolled onto my back. “Fuck you” I said looking him in the eyes.
        He chuckled before capturing my lips with his and deepening it momentarily. “Hmm, maybe later” I rolled my eyes shoving him off me as he laughed laying beside me.
            A few peaceful minutes passed by before I felt eyes on the side of my face. I turned on my side to face his turned head. “What?” I mumbled staring back at him. “Nothing…you’re just…this is unreal.” “Stop being so dramatic” I said jokingly as I smirked. He lifted an eyebrow at my ironic statement before he shook his head and looked back up at the setting sun. “…I love you, Drake.” I stated quietly into the air. “I love you too, Onika.” He replied quietly back before pulling me into his side, letting what was left of the sun dry us off in the damp grass.

            I couldn’t help the giddiness that came over me at this memory and my excitement to see Drake increased. I pulled into his drive way and parked the car. I replied my pink lipstick and ran my hands through the ends of my black wig again. I unbuckled and pulled the key out of the ignition and laced it on my finger as I strutted up his entry way.
         A brief movement of something by a window distracted me momentarily. I blocked it out for a few seconds before the movement caught my eye again. I nosily paused and headed closer to the rather large window.  I glanced in seeing Drake and smiled about to turn back to the door before the shadow of woman figure walking towards him entered the window perspective. My eyebrow lifted in surprise but I tried to not think to much of it and once again went to turn back to the door.
            The next action had me halted in place. She walked towards his body as he face the window and tippy-toed up to his level and rested a hand on the back of his neck bringing him down to her lips.
            My heart thudded in my chest as I stared unblinkingly at the scene before me. I felt my lungs close and my chest swell up and pound against my chest. My head started to throb and ache in confusion.
            I unfroze myself as they pulled apart and Drake opened his eyes looking directly into mine. His eyes showed shock as my eyes reflected back anger and despair, along with betrayal. I shook my head in disgust as I turned around not even having the strength to blow up at him properly.
            My mind buzzed as I heard the front door being thrown open. “NICKI! WAIT!” Drake screamed racing over to me. I mumbled to myself ignoring him as he continued to make his way closer to me as I speed walked back to my car. “Nicki! Just let me explain!” “Explain WHAT!” I snapped turning around shooting daggers into him. “How the fuck do you explain that shit, Aubrey! HUH!?!?!” “It’s not even like that, Nic! Just let me explain!” “How the fuck could you stand there and let her kiss you?”
          “Nic! It’s just an act!” “An act? OH? So was all that bullshit you told me about loving me and shit an act too?” “Nic, you know that’s not true!” He stated blocking me as I tried to get to my car once again.“Did you really ever even care about me, Aubrey?” I questioned turning back to his face, “Did you really ever even love me? Or where you just trying to amuse yourself by getting me to finally go out with you; making me cave and fall for you...”  
          “Nicki! It wasn't even like that we were just-” “I DON'T CARE! YOU WANT HER YOU CAN HAVE HER. I'M DONE! GO BACK TO MAKING OUT WITH YOUR WHORE” I felt the tears build up in my eyes as I shoved him out of my way and ran the rest of the way to my car.
         Through my blurry vision I could see him following after me.  I glanced at the doors of his house to see the confused girl standing there. I immediately pulled out and drove off....away from the heart-breaker...away from the betrayal.


AN: Aloha! Hey guys! NIC IS BACK! Isn't that fucking awesome! I wasn't able to have the right mind to type anything when she left I definitely wasn't in the mood. Now with her return I'm smiling moreeee -sings-. Anyways. I know this isn't much and I tried to extend it but there is only so much I could add without giving away next chapters so you will have to deal :)
I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THE NEXT FLASHBACK (re-read that chapter if you need) HOW DO YOU THINK NICKI IS GOING TO SOLVE THE WHOLE PRESS ISSUE? HOW DO YOU THINK SHE IS GOING TO PROVE BOTH OF THEM INNOCENT? The more answers the sooner the next update! Post as many scenarios as you want! The more the BETTER!
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  1. An act ? WTF? maybe he's rehearsing for a movie or something? Well if he was he shoulda told her anyway tbh. Maybe she should go and get comforted by Safaree?........

  2. OMG!!! THE HELL?!?!? Drake done did wrong right there, I'm not gonna jump into conclusions first bt whatever he was doing...he should have told her first if anything...And now he's hurting my Nic Nac :(
    I nw there's probably an explanation to all this bt it's just no excuse...smh. And if there was something more to it than jst an act :/ then imma be pissed at him for that. Nic was too excited to see him and now this...smfh. He should definately explain himself.

    If I would comtemplate the flashback and tell u what Nic would do, I honestly don't know...I mean...if it was only the hugging, she would do the abvious and say: "He's like by Brother, we flirt all the time...it's nothing serious...he's like my brother.
    Bt nw there's kissing involved so i don't know what she's gonna say.

    I'm super excited Nic is back on twitter...I woke up to a DM from Toni tellin me she's back...I literally cried of excitement. I knw it's too much to cry over some1 bcoz she hasn't been on twitter for 10 days bt I jst missed her so much. I'm so happy right now :D
    Thank u for posting babe, Can't wait for the next Chapter. <333

  3. Daaayyuuummm drake could atleast told nicki he was doing an acting seen that dealt with kissing now he is gettting accused for no reason
    And yes I'm so happy nicki's back
    Post soon

  4. this is so great and cute and sad all at once!!! i love it! can't wait for more!

  5. Bianca Why ?!?!? You leave me with soo many unanswered questions !?!?! *sigs* Post soon or I badger you like last time -@ItsJamiela HOE

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    Pauz. And then their cute fight and stuff was everything! They are the cutest. I was so happy that they are finally together and ready to admit that they love each other but then Drakeeee -_____- Why would he kiss someone like that?! Even if it's an act, YOU just got into a relationship, you should wait a little before going out kissing other women! Ughhhh poor Nic. I would be upset too :( I hope she gives him a chance to explain tho! Loved this, post sooooon :)

  7. Yo he said acting, omg if he was just practicing for a role in some type of movie or some shit... i cant deal. Poor Nic just crying her lil eyes out, i feel so bad for her but i have a feeling its really not wut it seemed.
    Great chapter, post soon!


  8. WHOA!
    Okay um what the hell just happened here?
    No why was ol girl at his place practicing in the first place? Like I believe him when he says it's an act & that's probably the big news he had to tell her but I still wanna know why ol girl had to be at his place practicing? Ion like that. But with Nic not knowing anything...this is the results. Hopefully she gives him a chance to explain. I wonder how this situation is going to help her with the press if she doesn't let Drake explain..hmm...? Good chapter. Update soon & not no 41533 years later either :p

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